Funny stuff

Beneficiaries and my Aaron Rodgers doll


What you’re looking at is my dad at his finest (and funniest). Since our newspaper group was sold from one company to another a few weeks ago, we’ve had to re-fill out some paperwork, including the beneficiaries form and all that jazz.

As a 24-year-old, this seems like an incredibly morbid thing to have to do, though I know it’s just procedure. Add to it the fact that I hardly have anything to my name at this point, it becomes almost comical. But I was honestly feeling a bit depressed today going through all of it and like the Grim Reaper was coming for me.

My dad and I generally check in with each other on GChat about once a day (he’s probably the only person who notices my statuses on there, so I can never leave “TGIF!” up for too long), so today I wanted to send him a quick note about listing him and my mom as beneficiaries. I figured he should be in the know.

Instead of sending back a “Well, you don’t need to worry about it” or something to that extent, he did one better. He claimed my Aaron Rodgers and Li’l Sebastian stuffed animals. I laughed a little very, very hard.

My dad is the funniest.

Update: I have two funny parents. My mom joined the fun and claimed the clothes of mine that she likes.


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