Starting over…

Below is a formerly published post, but from when this blog (as of yesterday) existed on Tumblr. I quickly decided to switch over to WordPress because it is a more welcoming format to non-users when it comes to leaving comments.

That being said, here’s an explanation for my blog:

I’m back, blogging world! But am I back? The short answer: I need to write. I realized I write every day at work, but not in the way I enjoy the most, which is honestly more narrative. I like having an avenue to express myself more at length than a Facebook status or tweet. I need to chronicle my life more, since it’s random and wonderful and I don’t want to forget everything great I’m experiencing at this point in my life someday.

So here’s my goal (and anyone who takes the time to read this is welcome to hold me to it): Blog at least twice a week. More if something funny happens. This blog isn’t going to have any deep theme most days. It’s meant to be a reflecting of the spastic, carefree, crazy person I am.

And the title? That’s thanks to my fantastic friend Kalyn. We had a random Twitter exchange today and she threw in the hashtag #dayinthelifeofmolls. Brilliant. It fits perfectly for three reasons: 1) I aim to show my life realistically through this, 2) I work with social media at my job, so the hashtag is very appropriate, and 3) Those closest to me call me Molls. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy when they do. Warning: Do not call me Molls too early or if we’re not that close. I will ignore you.


One thought on “Starting over…

  1. Hi friend! Welcome to WordPress! I saw you had moved on over here. Good for you! I think you’re going to like it a like it a lot more than tumblr. I look forward to reading your posts! I think this is an excellent way to keep in touch with long distance friends 🙂

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