Batman and my brother

Everyone (I could very literally mean everyone) is going to see “The Dark Knight Rises” tonight. I considered going because there’s nothing quite like a midnight viewing crowd, but there’s also this thing called work in the morning.

That being said: Tomorrow at 9:30 p.m., I will be a very happy girl!

Big blockbuster movie releases, particularly a Batman one, make me miss my bro. That kid is an amazing movie critic, let me tell you. He made me watch all the Star Wars movies before the new wave came out a few years ago. Then he was the one who introduced me to the brilliance that is Christopher Nolan’s work with “The Prestige.” He went and saw “The Social Network” with me the week after I was offered the job here, so he endured me waxing poetically afterwards about how I owed my new job to the Zuck and how crazy was that?!

Probably the most fascinating experience was when he talked me into seeing this movie that no one had ever heard of called “Moon.” I’m still pretty confident we were the only ones who ever saw it. But it’s still one of my favorite movie experiences because a) I still don’t think I understand what exactly happened in that movie, b) it began our tradition of being dates to movies, and c) watching it at the breathtakingly gorgeous Oriental Theater in Milwaukee (the only theater showing it nearby) was definitely worth all the confusion.

Seeing the last Batman movie without him tomorrow will be bittersweet, but I still owe him a movie date next time I go home, so maybe I’ll let him drag me to another off-the-wall “What ARE we watching?!” movie.

The most flattering photo of us.


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