Road tripping, packing, and winding down

It’s been a little over a week since things got cray cray for me. At that time, two weeks to pack up and say good-bye to everyone who has had a part in the past two years of my life seemed easy and doable. Now I’m down to one week and surprise! It’s not easy. I feel like packing will never end and saying good-bye stinks.

But I have been so touched and overwhelmed by how supportive and excited for me everyone has been. It’s wonderful knowing I’m being welcomed back home with open arms, but it’s just as wonderful knowing I’m being sent off from here with nothing but blessings. My last week here is already jam packed with fun adventures, including horseback riding on the beach, a send-off fiesta and one last stop at the local country bar/dance hall.

Between the packing, hanging out with friends and jotting down things on an unending to-do list, I’ve been trying to map out the road trip back.

We’ll be taking route 1.

So I need your help and suggestions! For starters, my dad and I will be stopping in Austin for lunch and a possible quick stop one other place. I haven’t checked the most infamous city on Texas yet, so suggest away! Also, anyyyyyyyy stops between Dallas and Milwaukee are welcomed. When I moved here, I drove straight through and only made restroom and sleep stops, so I’d like to have a little more fun this time. Help me out, guys!


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