Horseback riding on the beach, last meals, and more packing

Just a quick update on all the craziness that the last few days have brought. I am still terribly far behind on packing. I know it will get done…somehow. I just don’t know when because I want to spend more time with people!

Yesterday I crossed off one of my biggest bucket list items: horseback riding on the beach. It was glorious. It was between that and parasailing, but I’m pretty sure there are still parasailing opportunities in Wisconsin with Michigan Lake being there, so horseback riding won out.

And it was fantastic.There’s something about riding along on a horse while on the sand with the waves crashing along your side that says serenity and perfection. I went with my former coworker/current friend Jackie, who heads off on her own new adventure professionally this week. It was an hour and a half ride and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Despite the fact that my car died for the first time ever before the ride, it was still one of the best mornings in my entire life.


Seriously, the best.

After that, the parade of good-byes and “lasts” officially began. I hung out with coworkers at the local country bar/dance hall and said my first string of good-byes to people, which absolutely stinks. I will be a hot mess come Thursday. But let’s not talk about it.

Today was the last Sunday lunch with my church friends. Sunday lunches are a tradition for us, and one that I really enjoy as it really does further cement the family feel the group has since Day One to me. I’ve been on a weird Texas Roadhouse kick as of late, so that’s where we went. And in their most stealth move to date, several people told the waitress it was my birthday, which I quickly ruined when they showed up with the saddle by repeating several times “It’s not my birthday!” So instead our waitress shouted “It’s Molly’s farewell…good-bye!” That’s an actual quote, I promise.

As you can tell, I was embarrassed while simultaneously feeling loved. 20120909-231001.jpg

So here we are. Five days out. This photo is proof Joel has corrupted the some of the guys by providing a visual reminder of that.


For those who may care, I will be snapping a lot of photos while road tripping come Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and if you so desire, I will Instagram/tweet as many as possible with the hashtag #MollsandDadroadtrip. I hope you’ll “tune in” for the adventure.


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