My soul twin’s gettin’ hitched! (also: bridesmaid giddiness)

385396_10150943604506971_1721998316_nAllow me to gush for just a moment. One of my dearest friends, the person I refer to as my “soul twin,” got engaged a few weeks ago. Though I now live over a thousand miles away, squealing about it over the phone with her was an awesome experience.

One of the great things about friendships is that each one is different. Different levels of connection, different things you’re in sync about, different plans you make together, and so forth. And I will never forget the moment Christyn and I realized we’re basically the same person in two different bodies, thus “soul twins.” We were at my apartment having a chick flick night and she was explaining how she feels like she’s a gypsy on the inside. To which I yelled out, “THAT’S SO ME!” It sounds silly and corny to most of you probably, but it was a huge moment for us realizing we weren’t alone in the way we felt about life.

Another big moment for me in our friendship was when our group of friends went camping together (one of my favorite Texas memories). Several of us had to travel up a day later than the rest of the gang, so we arrived at the camp (really, a shack in the middle of the Hill Country of Texas) rather late that night to be joined up with the group returning from the swimming hole, which was when Christyn, soaking wet, jumped off the pick-up and ran to give me a big hug as she said, “I’ve been waiting for you to come! I kept thinking yesterday about how I couldn’t wait until you got here!” We bonded a lot on the trip, especially when we had to deal with the discovery of a mouse in the toilet at 3 a.m. (but that’s a story for another day).

Christyn also brought me Chick-fil-A when I was sick with a migraine one day. (Strangely that was the only thing that sounded good to me in the moment.) That is a sign of a true friend.

I had been planning to make a return visit to Texas sometime in the near future, so Christyn + Richie’s wedding was a perfect catalyst to make it a reality! I’m very excited to see everyone again.

And then Christyn called me today and asked if I would be one of her bridesmaids. Words cannot express how giddy I was. I’ll blame part of it on the fact that I’ve never been a bridesmaid before, but it was mostly because it means so much to me that I’ll be able to stand up with such a great friend as she marries the love of her life.

And now I need to get IN SHAPE. Ha. Which is also perfect timing because I really did want to focus on working out on a consistent basis come 2013, but wasn’t sure if I could fully commit and convince myself to follow through. This is definitely the kick in the rear I needed. So I’ll be keeping you all posted on that progress!

All that to say: Christyn + Richie, I am so happy for you two. And I cannot wait for the party that will be your wedding. 🙂


3 thoughts on “My soul twin’s gettin’ hitched! (also: bridesmaid giddiness)

  1. I so had a similar reaction the first time I was asked to be a bridesmaid! I actually cried I was so overwhelmed. I’ve got a list of all the bridesmaid basics at Ultimate Bridesmaid if you want to check out all the details! You’re going to have an amazing time and congrats to your “soul twin!”

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