Guys, I actually LIKE exercising (and other astonishing facts about my healthier 2013 plan)

ImageAs I previously mentioned on my blog, one of my main goals for 2013 (not a resolution–people give up on resolutions) is to get more in shape and eat better. We’re about a month in now, since I started just before the new year, and I just wanted to share some awesome things that I’ve learned/discovered/experienced since I started on this “journey.”

  1. I actually LIKE exercising. I know, I can’t believe it either. I mean, is it my absolute favorite thing to do? No. Would I much rather just head straight home after work? Yes. But I feel so good when I’m done. Like I accomplished something, something attainable because I know how my body feels after and it’s different than when I walked in. And trust me, it’s huge that I’m saying these things because I’m normally the girl who scoffs at the gym rats and rolls my eyes when people talk about a “runner’s high.” I thought it was all a big waste of time and not for me. But I was wrong. So if you’ve never tried, I encourage you to just give it a shot. If you are currently, let’s both keep at it.
  2. Eating better isn’t the worst thing in the world. It is a struggle for me because I am the world’s pickiest eater. I WISH I could just fill up on veggies all day and be happy. But I only like a handful and I have to stick with those. Changing my eating habits (I’m calorie counting) has actually been more difficult than the whole gym thing, which I did not anticipate. But I discovered certain foods have a strong hold on me, and it’s so hard to whittle those out. It’s hard to make the commitment to packing a lunch for the next day at work, when all I want to do is just grab something on the food setup we have there. And the hardest thing has been…
  3. Reducing the Coke intake. Anyone who really knows me knows I really, really love Coca-Cola. But I knew I couldn’t continue with my two-cans-a-day intake. So I’ve reduced it to one a day. I know that may not seem like a victory, but it really is. Because during my non-Coke meals, I think about Coke. I think about how much better the meal would taste if I had a Coke. But I drink that dang water. Hopefully someday on the horizon I can give it up all together, but it’s about baby steps right now. (And I despise diet sodas, so don’t even try recommending I switch to Diet Coke or even Coke Zero.)
  4. Tell as many people as possible about your goals. It’s really hard to admit “Hey, I’m pretty out of shape” to the world. But I had to, because on the days I want to quit, those are the people who keep me focused and going. Hearing “I’m so proud of you” from someone is encouragement beyond words. I have people at home, work and friends on Facebook all cheering for me, so there’s no way I could just slip off the radar and stuff my face. I’ve posted about it a lot especially on Facebook and found something fascinating: SO many people, people I would have never guessed have to care about their weight, are also trying to do the same thing or have in the past. I knew a few people who did (particularly because of their gym-related Facebook posts) but so many others never post about it, and I didn’t have an idea until the messages started pouring in. 
  5. Saying “no” feels really good. As most of you know, I’m surrounded by delicious food on an almost daily basis at work. Yesterday there was an entire platter of banana-vanilla cupcakes sitting right outside my cube. Normally, I would have had three at least (they were mini). But I said “no” for the entire day, and I felt like I was on cloud nine. It did help that I had four co-workers and my boss all yell out “Stay strong, Molly!” as soon as they hit the table. But every time I say “no” to something I would have normally inhaled, this song plays in my head.

I have a long way to go still, but the fact that something finally switched over in my head and I want to do this for myself is big. So don’t let me quit when I want to! Feel free to check in on me.

Also, I’m especially looking for low cal recipes. If you have one you love (and you think an extreme picky eater would enjoy), please pass the link on to me!


One thought on “Guys, I actually LIKE exercising (and other astonishing facts about my healthier 2013 plan)

  1. I agree with on not calling it 2013 resolutions. I read a blog recently and she called them “commitments”. Either way, I’m glad you’re sticking with it. I haven’t been doing so well, but it’s really hard when you’re sick. And I’ve been sick about 2 weeks of the last 26 days. 😦 I know that sounds like me just making excuses, but when it’s tiring climbing the stairs, I feel like it’s ok. At least I’m eating healthier. Anyway, good job & I know you’ll attain whatever goal you’re trying to reach.

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