Frozen yogurt strawberries recipe

Tonight I took an idea I saw on Pinterest and tweaked it to get a low calorie count. The finished results were so delish, so I thought I’d pass on the recipe to others!

Start off by placing a piece of parchment paper down on a cookie sheet. Wash and dry strawberries. One by one, dip the strawberries in a vanilla Greek yogurt of your choice (I used Yoplait’s Honey Vanilla Greek yogurt). Use a spoon to help cover the areas that need more yogurt. Place the strawberries on the sheet, then put in the freezer. Check them after an hour, and take out if the yogurt looks frozen. If not, check them every 15 minutes until they’re frozen to your satisfaction. After that, you can add another coat of yogurt and freeze again if you’d like, but I didn’t this time around.

According to my calculations, each strawberry is around 15 calories. Enjoy!

(Note: Some of my family members thought they were a bit too frozen when fresh out of the freezer. It didn’t bother me, but you may want to try letting them thaw for a short time before eating.)


Frozen yogurt strawberries recipe


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