I read this post on December 31st about the #365grateful project, and I decided I would do exactly that for the next year: Take a photo every day of something that I’m grateful/thankful for. It’s been a really great thing and has already shown me in the past 31 days how many little things I have to be thankful for every day. Little things that I would’ve otherwise probably missed.

Here’s a review of what I was thankful for in January. I highly recommend jumping into the challenge, even if you didn’t start in January!

Jan. 1: Grateful for a whole new calendar for new memories. 2013 was AWESOME, and I have big hopes for 2014.


Jan. 2. Grateful for the chance to go to my second Packers game ever/my first playoff game. Who cares if my eyeballs freeze permanently! But seriously, I’ve dreamed of this day for so long.2014-01-02_1388704866

Jan. 3. Grateful my car started this morning as it was -2 when I left for work.2014-01-03_1388792932

Jan. 4. It’ll hopefully prevent me from getting frostbite tomorrow.2014-01-04_1388872077

Jan. 5. Thankful for an awesome day (despite a Packers loss) with this lady. I love our friendship. But enough mushy stuff.2014-01-06_1388979245

Jan. 6. I have the best sister in the world–she offered to pack my lunch for work since I didn’t get back from Lambeau until midnight…and slipped in a surprise note!2014-01-06_1389028008

Jan. 7. This photo may be incredibly boring but let’s be real: It’s what we’re all thankful for during this arctic vortex or whatever the cool kids are calling it.2014-01-07_1389138440

Jan. 8. Got a package in the mail from e3 with some prep material for my upcoming mission trip to Costa Rica. Getting excited!2014-01-09_1389234797

Jan. 9. Thankful for wonderful coworkers and our occasional lunch dates. This sandwich is the bomb dot com.2014-01-10_1389313567

Jan. 10. Thankful to have made it safely home through the black ice/rainy commute home. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a hot date with my pajamas and Netflix.2014-01-10_1389397738

Jan. 11. Thankful for a wonderful Saturday of pre-birthday meals with friends. Brunch at Cafe Hollander, dinner at Safe House.2014-01-12_1389498738

Jan. 12. Thankful for group texts so I can “watch” the Golden Globes with my two pop culture enthusiasts from Texas!2014-01-13_1389576074

Jan. 13. Thankful for another year of life, so we celebrated with a delicious dinner.2014-01-14_1389664794

Jan. 14. Thankful for tea to hopefully make the ouchie feeling in my throat go away.2014-01-14_1389743334

Jan. 15. Thankful for my Bible study, the ladies in it, and hot caramel apple cider.2014-01-16_1389835239

Jan. 16: Thankful for the opportunity to renew this bad boy! I haven’t used it since 2005, and I’m excited to travel internationally again this year to Costa Rica for my mission trip. Side note: Apparently you’re not allowed to smile for passport photos anymore?! Must we be angry Americans? I felt so not myself in the photo when the Walgreens guy told me three times I’m not allowed to smile.2014-01-17_1389917930

Jan. 17: Thankful for my sister, AKA the birthday girl today! Over the years we’ve gone from hating the fact that people thought we were twins to spending pretty much all our free time together ON PURPOSE. She’s my BFF by birth AND by choice. Happy 24th, Manda Moo. Xo.2014-01-17_1389962542

Jan. 18. Thankful to be reunited with my old friend! It’s been way too long…2014-01-18_1390077789

Jan. 19. Thankful for this kid. He goes back to college for his final semester tomorrow, but sad face regardless! (Don’t tell him I took a secret creeper photo.)2014-01-19_1390164307

Jan. 20. Thankful for a day off and lunch with my mom. I swear she wasn’t asleep when I took this photo. 😉2014-01-20_1390254644

Jan. 21. Thankful for the crazy thing called the Internet and how it can bring complete strangers together. I’m swapping clothes with girls from all over the US now. It’s awesome.2014-01-22_1390360001

Jan. 22. Thankful for Starbucks. Because it’s Starbucks.2014-01-22_1390434382

Jan. 23. Thankful that even though it’s starting to feel like winter will never end, it’s now still light outside when I leave work.#mywindshieldisreallydirty2014-01-23_1390520323

Jan. 24. Thankful for a lazy Friday at home watching TLC shows with my mom and sister.2014-01-25_1390611832

Jan. 25. Thankful for a relaxing Saturday at home with Starbucks, a bagel with cream cheese and, of course, the Dowager Countess.2014-01-25_1390684311

Jan. 26. Thankful for the opportunity to serve in children’s ministry at my church every week…even if it does end in me being covered in toothpaste this week. 😉 But the kids loved it!2014-01-26_1390762060

Jan. 27. Thankful that this AMAZING sweater came in the mail from Allison today, just in time to keep me warm during -35 wind chills tomorrow!2014-01-28_1390869853

Jan. 28. Thankful for warm clothes, coats, hats and scarves today. The end.2014-01-28_1390952512

Jan. 29. Thankful for a home-cooked dinner every Wednesday when I visit my parents. Because I think we all know I barely know how to cook.2014-01-30_1391041065

Jan. 30. It’s kind of weird, but thankful oil changes only happen every few months. It’s one of my least favorite things to do for some odd reason.2014-01-30_1391125770

Jan. 31. Thankful for good German fish fry nights with apple strudel for dessert. Mmmm…Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 9.58.24 PM

#365grateful: January