I needed to be saved (Happy Liver Day!)


I needed to be saved before I ever knew it.

Today marks 25 years with my new-to-me liver. Twenty-five! Medical professionals still exclaim “Wow!” when they are reminded of that. This life post-transplant is all I’ve ever known, but the magnitude of 25 years definitely hit me this October. Thankful, thankful to have made it to the 25-year mark with an organ that wasn’t originally mine to begin with.

Twenty-five years ago today, doctors wheeled tiny 2-year-old me into the operating room to give me a liver transplant. I remember nothing of that day or that general time period of my life, but from what my parents and other relatives have told me, it was a scary, stressful period of life, not knowing if I’d make it to my 3rd or 4th birthday. Also, my poor parents: My sister Amanda was only a few weeks old at the time of my diagnosis, so they had to balance and care for a very sick 2-year-old AND a newborn. Super parents.

Recently I realized: I needed to be saved before I ever knew it. Since I was two when diagnosed with tyrosinemia, I had no say over my medical treatment; it was all in the hands of my parents and doctors. I wasn’t able to make those life-saving decisions for myself.

I owe my second chance at life in them, in large part.

When thinking about all of that, I realized there’s a really cool parallel between that and my relationship with God.

I needed to be saved before I ever knew it.

God knew, well before I was born, that I needed a Savior. Someone who would see my sins, even the tiniest “white lie,” and be willing to take all of that, to die for my sins and everyone else’s, to rise from the dead, to defeat death once and for all.

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” -Romans 5:8

I needed to be saved before I ever knew it, twice. Twice I was giving a new chance at this beautiful, crazy, bursting life that I’m blessed enough to live. And I don’t want to waste it ever, for a single second.

PS – If you’re not already a registered organ donor on your driver’s license, find out how to become on here. It’s important!