My Next Mission Trip

When I came back from Costa Rica this past summer, I was sure I was going to go back again this summer, to return to a country and my dear Ticos. I had been in the community of Katira for two summers in a row, and as far as I knew, I was going back. I leave a piece of my heart there every time I go, and I know God has more for me in that country.

But then the Lord started to change my heart over the next few months. As media coverage of the refugee crisis in Europe started to pick up, I couldn’t stop reading. My heart was so heavily burdened, I felt like I couldn’t breathe at times. I couldn’t stop praying for and about the situation and people. I felt in my heart that I was supposed to do more, beyond sending money to a relief organization. I felt He was calling me to be His hands and feet in the midst of that situation.

I started praying and asking God if He was calling me away from Costa Rica this year and instead to Germany, a country which has been taking in many refugees over the past few months. Over time, He began to confirm it. Even though this is a totally new, (to be honest) slightly scary venture, I have peace that this is where He’s calling me next.

I completely understand that this may come as a shock to some. But please know this: I’m not going because of any political reasons; this is solely about an opportunity to reach people, to show them the love of Jesus, to share His hope. Who knows how long this window of opportunity will be open for, and I know that I don’t want to miss it.

Just like with my past two trips, I’ll be going on this trip with e3 Partner Ministries. I love going with this organization because they not only focus on building a lasting impact in communities and in individual lives–we’ll be working with a local church on this trip that has been really working with refugees–but also because of their focus on safety. The systems and guidelines they have in place make me feel very secure, whether in Costa Rica or Germany, so I can just focus on what God is doing and how He wants me to participate. e3 is well established in the area of Germany where this trip will be, too.

I read this article from Relevant Magazine, which really resonated with me:

“We have prayed for walls to crumble and gates to open. But what if God has chosen rather to bring people out—to turn them into the uprooted as a first step in making them His own?

What if it falls to Christians, more than countries, to welcome and serve these strangers—taking them in if this is permitted, or, if need be, sojourning with them in temporary camps, showing them the love that Christ has shown us? If we cannot go, what if it is our calling to adopt a displaced family, sending them personal words of encouragement as well as practical assistance, even if this offends some who accuse us of giving aid and comfort to our enemies?”

I’m excited to follow God leading up to and on this trip. I ask for your prayer support–for me and my teammates, for the people we’ll be meeting, for hearts to be open, for safety, etc.

Finally, if you’d like to support me financially (I’ll need to raise $2,985 total), you can donate online here! https://www.purecharity.com/help-send-molly-to-germany

Isaiah 6:8 – “Then I heard the Lord asking, ‘Whom should I send as a messenger to this people? Who will go for us?’

I said, ‘Here I am. Send me.'”


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