To the year 26


Well, here we are. Another day, another birthday, another year of life to be thankful for.

I was doing some deep thinking about birthdays last night as I also started to doze off my couch (because am I actually 100 years old?) and realized that I now view them entirely differently than I did when I was a kid. My parents, being the wonderful people they are, made birthdays a pretty big deal growing up–we got off school, my dad took off work, we got to go to a restaurant of our choice (usually Old Country Buffet because ENDLESS ICE CREAM SUNDAES). Once I hit the adult world, it was a bit of culture shock of “You mean the world DOESN’T stop revolving because it’s my birthday?!”

But instead I’ve come to realize birthdays are actually a bit BETTER when you’re an adult. Because even though the world doesn’t stop revolving, a birthday is a wonderful, beautiful day of being showered with love. I woke up this morning to a video message from my friend in Seattle, along with other texts and messages. Adult birthdays don’t suck, guys!

I’ve had a BIT of a hard time accepting that I’m officially closer to 30 than 20 now, but looking back on the year 25 made me really happy for the progress I made in the past year. It probably was my biggest year as far as doing things I wanted to do and figuring out who I am as a person.

A few highlights:

And looking ahead to the year 26, I already have some big plans. I am hoping to travel to visit some friends, write more, branch out more, etc. So here’s to 26!

PS: In lieu of traditional birthday gifts, I’m instead requesting donations towards my Costa Rica mission trip this year. If you would like to donate, you can do so online here!