My Farewell to Coca-Cola (for at least 30 days)

Well, the dreaded day is here. The day I bid farewell to my sweet, sweet Coca-Cola. For anyone who knows me well, you know what a BIG DEAL this is. I love Coke. Before I started this journey, I’d have one with lunch and one with dinner. Probably averaged 28 ounces a day (I know, I know).

Once I started counting calories, I cut down that amount to one 12 oz. can a day. And that was hard enough, because I’d think about Coke during my other meal. I’m basically some level of a Coca-Cola addict, sadly.

So that’s why I’m doing this big, scary thing: I’m giving up Coca-Cola (and all other soda) completely for at least 30 days. It’s half to up my weight loss progress (less than 2 months until it’s bridesmaid dress time!), but mostly to prove to myself that I can. That I’m stronger than I think. That I can give up something I never thought I could.

It’s not going to be easy. I already know this. I don’t really drink much outside of water and soda. I’m not a huge juice, coffee or milk fan. I’ll be experimenting more with smoothies during this time (just bought a new blender yesterday), and plan to get Crystal Light mixes to add to water so it’s a bit more exciting.

But the bottom line is that this is happening. That photo at the top of this entry was my Coke from last night. The last one for 30 days.

I’ll need encouragement during this period. I’ve been told by many people that once I give it up, I’ll probably never go back to it because it’ll taste too sweet. And if that’s the case, great. But I can’t imagine that at this point. So please share any tips, ideas or great drink combinations to give a try.

Good bye, lovely Coke. It’s not you (well, it kind of is)–it’s me.


My Farewell to Coca-Cola (for at least 30 days)