DIY apartment

I’ve long dreamed about what I wanted my future apartment to look like. I pinned and Googled and went on Pinterest some more. While I would not generally describe myself as a crafty person, I decided to be a little brave when it came to a few pieces of furniture that were picked up along the way.

Here’s a little look at some of my favorite things in the apartment, along with some tips on how I made them happen.

ImageThis end table for the living room was a Goodwill find. I only paid $10 for it (what a steal!). It was so blah and not my cup of tea originally, so pop of color time it was. I picked up the coral paint color (Behr Ultra Tropical Coral from Home Depot), and THEN. I’ve always, always had this dream about having a home with mismatched knobs from Anthropologie. I can’t explain why that daydream makes me so happy, but it does. But since this is a rental apartment and the Anthro knobs are $10 each, knobs on the end table was the only option. But I just love the finished result.

End table (Goodwill) $10 + Anthropologie knobs $40 + paint about $15 = about $65 total cost

ImageMy dresser was the other big undertaking. I’ve had the dresser for years and years (since I was probably 12), but it was bland and brown and I wanted something more exciting. Inspired by a photo on Pinterest, I purchased sample jar sizes for three colors on a swatch, plus a quart of the darkest color on the swatch so I could paint the sides and top as well (Behr Ultra Velvet Slipper, Bed of Roses, Lantana and Bunchberry). I also replaced the hardware, since the old hardware was gold.

Dresser $0 (already had) + hardware about $24 + paint about $19 = $43 total cost

ImageThis entertainment stand was a rummage sale find (thanks, Mom!). It was quite ugly and a la 70s with glass doors before, so it was out with the old and in with the turquoise. (Don’t have the color swatch written down, sorry!)

Stand (rummage sale) $20 + paint about $15 = about $35 total cost

ImageAnother Pinterest-inspired idea! For Christmas this past year, I just told my family to look at my Pinterest boards for ideas. 😉 My brother, the wonderful person he is, did just that and gave me this metal branch structure. I nailed it to the wall and hung a few (light) necklaces on it. We’re not allowed to have screws in our walls or I would have put heavier necklaces on, too.

ImageI added to this portion of the wall with a mirror I purchased at Goodwill for like $4. What a steal!

ImageMy headboard may be my favorite Pinterest project. The two pallets that serve as the headboard were FREE from a local business. Add the paper lanterns (about $12 from Target) and voila! The bedspread and pillow/pillowcases are from IKEA.

ImageEverything on this shelf in the kitchen is from Goodwill. Seriously, the place is a treasure trove!

ImageAnd this may be my favorite corner in the entire apartment. I purchased the vintage suitcases from my sister’s coworker, and found the vintage books at various antique shops in the area. It makes me so happy.

I’m sure more projects will happen in the future, but right now I am over the moon with the progress of everything. It’s not hard to go DIY, I promise!