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Little Red Riding Hood highlights and haircuts


Unintentionally, this blog post is all about hair. Don’t hate me for it.

The above photo is what happened post-barbecue with friends last night. True to our group’s spirit, spontaneity happened and Albert ended up getting his hair buzzed off by Jovan, then Jovan got his buzzed by Eunice. While all that craziness was happening, Mel and I were in the other room watching wedding dance videos, as David and Mel’s wedding is a whole three weeks away! And because it’s fun.

Today was my turn for one of my favorite activities in the world: getting my hair done. A little bit of pampering, girl talk, and a new look at the end of it all is always a great way to spend a few hours.

A little history on my haircut tendencies: I am always spontaneous and up for anything when it come to my hair, so I used to just walk into a random Supercuts hours after deciding I was sick of my hair. I would Google “hairstyles,” print a photo out, and march in with it. I don’t think I’ve ever hated a haircut I’ve received, honestly.

But then I found my twin in my hair dresser here. She is beyond fantastic and takes a vision I have and turns it into something even better. I had red highlights put in last time I visited her, so today it was time to bring them back, much to our excitment (and my mom’s possible long-distance chagrin). She decided she’d give me “Little Red Riding Hood” highlights, which just sounded cool. Below is the end result. The streak of good haircuts and colors continues!