Being OK With Being Single

I realized today just how many of my Facebook friends are married. It’s a little overwhelming, to be completely honest. I was doing a mini purge of my friends list when it hit me: Almost one in every five profile photos was a wedding portrait.

Talk about overwhelming.

For years and years, I’ve struggled with being alone. I haven’t necessarily tried to even settle, mostly because the opportunities to settle haven’t been there (which, I realize, is a blessing in the long run). The opportunities for dating have been few and far between for me. And I mean FAR.

When I initially left for college, I had my life planned out perfectly: get my degree, find a great guy, get engaged, get married the summer after graduation. I actually thought that would happen exactly. HA, HA, HA. Oh, young Molly. You had so much to learn.

None of that happened (besides getting my degree. HOLLA!). 

As a result, I spent the greater part of at least four years moping about my singleness. You know, the whole “woe is me” routine. I ate a lot of ice cream at times. Struggled with depression a lot, especially during the holidays.


But, though a series of events in the past few weeks, I’ve really come to embrace my relationship status. To see God’s goodness in it. To feel at peace with it. This blog post was a huge help. God is still working on me, teaching me things, forcing me to rely on Him.

I know and believe it will all come together someday. I didn’t always believe that, but God has really been speaking to me lately that He has a plan for me. Patience is SO HARD, but I would also never want to force something outside of God’s timeline. I’ve tried that in the past and the results are never good.

Whether I wait five days, five weeks, five months, five years or more for God to bring a man into my life, I’ll wait. Because it will be worth it.